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How Do You Measure Success?

I’ve been taking a hard look at what I’m doing with my art, and what I want to be doing with it. I know my mission/purpose — that has never changed — but how do I measure whether I’m fulfilling that? How do I measure success if it’s not a monetary or sales-based goal? We have this pervasive idea in our culture that, if you’re good at something, you ought… Read More »How Do You Measure Success?

You Are Called to Be Creative

I never realized I was creative until I hit my late twenties, when someone suggested I scrapbook our wedding photos. I think I laughed at them (oops). But the idea took root—and while I never finished more than ten pages of that wedding album, I ventured into card-making, finding joy in cutting and gluing paper together in an artistic fashion. My cards were far from professional, but as my first… Read More »You Are Called to Be Creative