Elizabeth Johnson - creative force behind Easel+Pen

Welcome! I’m Elizabeth Johnson, artist and author for the glory of God, and the creative force behind Easel+Pen.

I live with my husband in the beautiful wilderness of southwest Wyoming, where we spend our days serving in church ministry and introverting together.

I’ve been writing ever since I can remember, but I didn’t find my artistic ability until my thirties. In 2016, I started hand lettering as a way to meditate on God’s truth and share the way I think with the world. In 2019, I discovered the joy of expressing more complicated perspectives and reflections of God’s creation with various acrylic mediums.

Lettering and painting has provided a wonderful way to “let the word of Christ dwell in me richly,” and that has become my guiding passion in all that I create—not just for my own benefit, but also to encourage others to pause and marvel at God’s revelation too. And so, Easel+Pen was born as a way to further pursue that goal for God’s glory. I hope you’ll join me as we #LetterforHisGlory and #PaintforHisGlory!

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Mission + Values

Easel+Pen was established in 2020 as a way to visually express God’s truth in paint and ink. Its mission is to encourage others to know God better and reflect His creativity. This is accomplished by holding to the following core values:

  • Excellence: We believe that everything must be done for the glory of God alone. Therefore, we conduct business with integrity, diligence, and consistency for the sake of honoring Him.
  • Truth: We believe God’s Word is our supreme authority for life and practice. We exalt its truth in our work, stand firm upon its principles, and seek to encourage proper understanding of its contents.
  • Encouragement: We believe our purpose is to encourage others with the truth. We generously share words and works that will uplift your soul, renew your mind, and bring a smile to your heart.
  • Creativity: We believe everyone is made in the Creator’s image and possesses a measure of His creativity. We seek to nurture and develop that creative skill and ingenuity in both ourselves and others.
  • Delight: We believe you should be thrilled with every aspect of your dealings with us, from first contact to final product. We strive to be personable, competent, and generous with our time and energy: we do business with a smile!

Easel+Pen is the creator of #LetterforHisGlory.
For inquiries, contact Elizabeth here.