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I am the bread of life. John 6:35

Lettering The ‘I AM’ Statements of Jesus

The “I AM” Statements of Jesus Over the last few months, we focused on the “I AM” statements for our monthly #LetterforHisGlory challenge. There’s seven of them in the Gospels, and one in Revelation. It was so good to work through each of these, along with others just as passionate about lettering and sharing God’s truth. And it was even better to study and write about each of them in… Read More »Lettering The ‘I AM’ Statements of Jesus

My Soul Waits for the Lord (Psalm 130:6)

Imagine yourself as a night watchman in ancient Israel. The night is barren, cold, lifeless. There’s no one to talk to, nothing to pass the time, no comfortable place to sit, just hard cobblestones to pace alone in the darkness. It’s been a long shift, and your feet are killing you. You’ve been up for hours guarding the town, serving your people, and you are completely exhausted. Drained. Parched. Aching… Read More »My Soul Waits for the Lord (Psalm 130:6)

Guard truth closely, for she is your life.

Guard Truth Closely (Proverbs 4:13)

We safeguard the things that are important to us. Security systems and fences protect our homes and properties. Collars and GPS chips help us keep track of our pets. Bank vaults and lockboxes keep our valuables in a safe place. But how do we guard truth closely? God’s instruction is everything to us. His words give us life, and allow us to share that life with others. They instruct and… Read More »Guard Truth Closely (Proverbs 4:13)